Does this sound a little too familiar?

“I’m so tired of my business just scraping by and surviving check-to-check. It’s time to turn things around and make some serious money.”
“I feel so alone in this journey. I have a vision of where I want my business to go, but I don’t have a clue how to get there.”
“I’m drowning in overwhelm. My mind is a chaotic mess, and I can’t figure out what steps to take next to grow my business and escape this feeling of being stuck.”
“The biggest obstacle in my business is me. I keep getting stuck in my own head and lack clear direction. I need a partner to keep me focused and accountable.”

Building and growing a business is tough. There’s more competition than ever, and it feels like new business “gurus” pop up every day spouting conflicting advice.
We get it.
At Jennifer Dawn Coaching we’ve successfully coached hundreds of businesses to their first seven figures across multiple industries, including professional services, retail, manufacturing, and eCommerce, to unlock their full potential.
No matter how good your business idea is or how hard you work, the key to growing your business is finding the right execution strategy. Setting clear goals and identifying how those goals align with your mission are critical factors in your business success.
Every day we help entrepreneurs like you build and grow exceptional businesses through our Business Coaching programs.

What You’ll Get With Us On Your Team

Increased Profits

From day one get expert financial coaching with the Profit First system. No more time wasted worrying about payroll or making ends meet.

Support & Accountability

Experience proven results each week with support from our expert business coaches and other like-minded business owners.

Expert Guidance

Receive expert guidance from a business coach who has built two multi-million dollar companies and has helped hundreds of business owners do the same.

Focused Strategy

Get clear on your business and marketing strategy with detailed goals, projects, and tasks so you know what to prioritize next.

Clarity & Focus

Use our exclusive tools and business coaching strategies to stay on track and focused on crushing your next business goal.

Mindset For Success

Reprogram the most powerful tool you have - your mind! Work through limiting beliefs and clear blocks keeping you from success.

Our Approach to Business Coaching Is Different

Many coaching programs offer limited and infrequent meetings with the “expert” you hired. Instead, you get thrown into a virtual call with countless others vying for the moderator’s attention to get your questions answered. In private coaching, the time can be extremely limited (and expensive) with little to no response from the coach in between calls.

This is not how we roll at Jennifer Dawn Coaching.

Instead, our approach gives you BOTH personalized private coaching and open group coaching sessions with founder Jennifer Dawn and our team of expert coaches.

You get everything you need to grow your business, including:

  • Private, deep-dive sessions to develop your customized PACE Mastery Roadmap with our expert business coaching team
  • Weekly small group coaching sessions on relevant topics such as Marketing, Sales, Finances, and Business Systems
  • Coaching sessions around your life and health so you have the energy and vitality to grow your business
  • Check-ins to keep you accountable and on track with your long-term goals
  • Access to our exclusive online community and on-demand training

You’ll never feel like a number at Jennifer Dawn Coaching. With tailored strategies and constant one-on-one contact, you’ll overcome any challenge and scale your business with expert support.

“The first call I had with Jennifer I was in tears. I felt so overwhelmed, ashamed, and ignorant. I had been ignoring the financial side of my business for years because I didn’t even know where to start. I felt like a bad business owner. Jennifer was everything I needed and more. I can’t describe what it feels like to feel in charge and in control of my business. Now I can continue to offer incredible service to my patients and clients AND I can experience financial rewards and feel reassured about the stability and sustainability of my business. I am incredibly grateful for Jennifer, her patience, her guidance, and her coaching to get me to that next level as an entrepreneur. I highly recommend Jennifer – you will be so glad you invested in this powerful coaching for long-term success!”

— Karen S.


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